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We just need some basic info to get started – the address, the estimated value. There is no commitment or pressure when you contact us. A team member will contact you within 24 hours to help.

  • Sell your home "as-is," in any condition, without repairs.
  • We Work With Any Situation
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Our team will do a virtual assessment, evaluate the condition of your home, and make you a cash offer within 48-hours. We can close at a time you choose and we’ll even pay all of the closing costs for you. Simple. 🪂

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  • Fair Cash Offer


Due Diligence & Paperwork

Sell on your terms. Close when you’re ready. We’ll work on YOUR timeline, allowing you to choose your closing date and move when you’re ready. It’s really that easy.

  • We handle 100% of everything, the paperwork, closing, and more!
  • We pay cash and can close quickly, in some cases as little as 14 days.


Sign at Title Office. Get your money!

You get a check at the Title Office to cash at the bank immediately. We will work through a title company to ensure you get everything you were promised and to answer your questions at closing.

  • We don't charge a dime to close, and you pay zero commissions.
  • Meet at the Title Company and do everything right.
  • No Hidden Fees

Any problem. Many solutions.

Parachute Home Buyers is your area’s premiere real estate solutions company, and since our inception we have been helping homeowners along with improving communities in each and every city we work in.

With the ability to directly purchase homes and make cash offers, we can create an extremely fast and hassle-free transaction for you. Our mission is to rejuvenate neighborhoods and increase the standard of living by improving the overall quality of housing for the residents.

Grab your parachute.